Despite the huge increase in bank card payments, cash is still received.

For hygienic reasons and now also to protect the health of our cashiers and customers, this should be avoided.

That is why we present you our CASHBOX: this device receives cash (coins and bills) and automatically and correctly displays the change.

  • This avoids touching by the cashier of bills and coins at the cash register.
  • The distance between customer and cashiercan be according to the rules.
  • No display or other errors can be made.
  • The control is optimal, no shoplifting.
  • The speed increases.
  • Your customer will also appreciate this.
  • Detailed report of the funds received and in progress.

Also coffee machines and drink / food machines without cash: it is possible.

currency rounding MODULE 

How do we round off sums such as € 4.43 ?

Payments in cash at our checkouts can be rounded off to a multiple of 5 cents.

1 and 2 cents are calculated as 0 cents. 

3 and 4 cents are calculated as 5 cents.


Payments made using the staff badge (prepaid, salary deduction, invoicing, etc.) are usually not rounded off.

It is also possible to only round off cash payments and not payments made with badges.


Usually, such amounts are the result of weighing salads or discounts on healthy options or products nearing their expiry date.

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