Brestonica E

An efficient kitchen, a lovely staff and visitor restaurant,

and hopefully no queues and confusion at the checkout.


The checkout system for  

everything from small cafes in residential care centres 

operated by volunteers      

to large restaurants in hospitals and companies 

with thousands of employees, contractors, trainees, etc.

For checkouts and vending machines 

Uses the existing staff badge

The Black Box (GKS- registered checkout system)

Compatible with electronic debit card, meal vouchers, smartphone, QR code, NFC etc. 

Clean hands: no need to handle money, cash via ATM 

Different prices for staff, trainees, contractors, visitors, etc. 

X amount of free use for volunteer, doctor on call, etc. 

Promotion of healthy food in vending machines and at checkout 

Deduction from salary, debit, invoicing, loading credit, etc. 

Integration with existing HR and security software

All data and reports available in SQL, Excel or other agreed format 

Stock management in the staff shop 

One checkout and one cashier, but two rows, left and right: quicker than expected 

Vending machines with protective equipment, sterile materials, clothing, etc. 

Reservation for meetings and conference rooms or for the external caterer 

Alternative dish of the day at visitors’ price s

Connected scale for salads 

  Vending machine stock management: better restocking means more sales 

Reports to the accounting department 

Different prices for visitors and staff in the drink vending machine 

Self-checkout: consumer selects and scans

If you have a suggestion,      

please let us know. 

BRESTONICA is growing!

Don’t forget!

De Black Box