The solution for managing checkouts and vending machines 

in your community restaurant.

The operating system is divided into two software packages: Brestonica B/O (back office for centralised management) and Brestonica F/O (front office for registering sales). 

The Brestonica B/O carries out all the management functions, dealing with aspects such as articles, prices, cashiers, groups of consumers and vending machine prices. It also handles data exchange, such as the badge system, personnel administration and cash transfers. The articles and consumers are classified into groups and subgroups. There are nine different pricing levels of articles depending on the consumer, as well as various facilities (e.g. restriction to one subsidised meal per day), discounts, subsidises, etc. 

Brestonica is compatible with all existing payment methods:


Electronic debit card and/or credit cards, electronic meal vouchers, 

   NFC, QR code, etc.;

Payment via deduction from salary, debit, home banking

Loading and spending of credit (loading at the checkout and/or via home

  banking and/or by the vending machine);

  balances are kept on your server (not in the cloud), so no external   

  connections are needed

Invoicing to third partie

Entries in cost centre

These payment options can be used alongside each other, for example:

Visitors pay either in cash, electronic debit card or electronic meal voucher

Salary processing for staff

Loading and spending of credit for trainees and external contractors

Invoicing to external contractors

Entries of meetings and business lunches in cost centre

Parents pay via home banking

All these options are possible thanks to linking Brestonica with the existing staff badge.  This saves all those concerned the inconvenience of needing to use two or more badges. It also means avoiding spending money on an unnecessary card system. We record some basic details on each person in the system with information obtained from HR: name, badge number, internal personnel number, internal accounting number and the pricing level according to which they will be charged. The system can operate either online or offline, or in a hybrid mode: for example, checkouts online and vending machines offline.

The checkout itself is set up in a way that allows everything to operate quickly and efficiently: cash transactions are limited as much as possible and automation is maximised, and every customer gets the right receipt with details of purchases. The checkout determines pricing and method of payment. This not only allows the cashier to work extremely fast, it also prevents any conflict and discussions with customers. The vending machine can also charge different prices. 


As standard, Brestonica can create thirty different reports, export all data in Access or Excel and provide all data in an SQL file: details of sales per product or product group, details of sales per customer or customer group, a financial report (accounting), overview of how cashiers are working, details of sales per cost centre, etc.

Error detection:

Brestonica features a log file for operational errors and possible errors are automatically emailed to our own helpdesk. In addition to normal error detection, the financial report includes a ‘cumul carré’ calculation and claim verification. Error levels are also automatically notified when terminating either the F/O or B/O program.

Security against data loss:

The checkouts have their own buffer memory which can, on average, store data for more than two months. If the online connection fails, the checkouts  can continue to operate autonomously. They can identify customers via their badges and maintain a record of the badge balance before the failure. When the online connection is re-established, all data is automatically updated.

Preferably, the B/O should be installed on your server with backups in consultation with your IT department.

Generally, the checkouts communicate with the B/O via the company’s network.   


The canteen

The staff shop

Vending machines selling drinks, snacks or sandwiches

  and cold dishes on lunch breaks during working hours

  when the canteen is closed

Vending machines with small protective equipment

  such as gloves, safety goggles, sterile material,

  etc. for controlled dispensation near the workplace.

Reservation and self-checkout: consumer selects

  and scans

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please let us know. 

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